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Learn Sand Sculpturing from the Masters-II

Mail from the Masters
Today I got another mail from the Sand Art Masters Paul & Remy. Paul informed me, ‘We have just finished this awesome sandcastle in The Scheveningen Netherlands, together with eight other international sand artists friends. We used some 300 tons of sand and the entire carving process lasted seven days. Here is the Sand Castle that look as if it’s livable. Continue reading Learn Sand Sculpturing from the Masters-II

Expensive Products from Junk-I

Decorative Pre Owned Waste

One of my family friend Mukesh Sharma was searching a buyer for his old car. He gave an advertisement in a local newspaper that ad cost him 8000 bucks and yet the car could not fetch more than a nominal 50000 bucks here in India. And eventually with the help of his BFA grad daughter Deepali,  he decided to turn his old car into a drawing room show piece. He is happy to be able to transform his drawing room in a futuristic way. Continue reading Expensive Products from Junk-I

Learn Sand Sculpturing from the Masters-1

sand-shiva-on-lotusRecently while writing my post on Sand Sculpturing, I tried searching some authentic quotes and good pictures,  and met probably one of the greatest master of this craft, Paul and his cute wife Remy. Strange thing about this wonderful couple is that they possess very rare insight about several cultures of the world and assimilate their knowledge to develop  mammoth sand sculptures. The above picture depicts lord Shiva sitting on a lotus, an amazing diversion from the normal understanding that only lord Brahma, the creator of the universe seats on a lotus. This blog starts with a autobiographical style and ends with some practical tips for the Sand Sculpturing enthusiasts all over the world. Continue reading Learn Sand Sculpturing from the Masters-1