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Encircled by the curse of the serpent



It happens sometimes. With many people. Without any seeming reason, your ventures keep failing, you fall ill and are enveloped in gloom. No matter what you try, whichever way you go and however long you keep struggling, the miseries continue and all efforts remain fruitless. Consult your astrologer. You may have the deadly Kaalsarpa Yoga. Its malefic effects will make even a person with a high degree of Raj yoga and whose planets are placed in exalted positions suffer endlessly. Despite excellent shadbala, avasthas, degrees and ashtakvargas, they may face unexpected doom. Continue reading Encircled by the curse of the serpent

Secrets that hide in the stars



So often people ask, what are the qualities needed to become a successful fortune teller? A knowledge of Hora Shastra? Sheer Experience? Intuition? Being computer savvy? Or is it simply a God- gifted trait? Most fail to understand that even the best astrologer can go wrong often. Usually most come only 65 per cent close to the truth. Astrology, like all other arts and sciences, can be learnt by anyone with a basic level of understanding, who can  then become adept at guessing how the future might unfold. Some basic facts are listed below that may turn one into a real seer. Continue reading Secrets that hide in the stars

The wax that tells the future



Predicting the patterns in melting or dripping candle wax is called ceromancy or candle wax reading. The science is believed to be more than 2,500 years old and supported by the theory of probability. Theoretically it is similar to the other methods of fortune telling using numbers, dice, Tarot, bone casting, bibliomancy, reading tea leaves or using runic stones. Continue reading The wax that tells the future