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Building Mega Credibility, The Supersonic Way


Recently I read an article that highlighted the importance of the appearance of the sales staff in strengthening the mega-credibility of a product or a company. I have a very different view about this. Its NOT at all that your sales persons’ personal credibility is the key to attain and maintain mega-credibility but some other elements, factors, practices and strategies do play a great part in it.  Remember that each day the global markets witness almost 250, 000 products and brands launched and 90% of them vanishing without a trace. It’s the credibility that destroy the biggest names in a fraction of seconds. Yet, several prominent names still command the mammoth credibility, which is coined as mega credibility.   The big question today is this How to Build A Mega Credibility?

Brick by Brick : Everyone knows that the word “credibility” is originated from a Latin word “credo,” that means “my faith”. If we consider it as solid as a brick, then the mega credibility of the organization must be the sum total of all such brick solid credibility systematically aligned together. No less then that. Several small yet significant measures may build up any credibility by just adding different values to it.

Towards Mega Credibility : The factors that determine the magnitude and size of your credibility are several but I am mentioning only a few of them.

  1. Character : Its not only the character of your staff but also the DNA of your company policies towards various customer, after sales, brand loyalty and quality related issues that work like the foundation of your mega-credibility. Even before anyone starts using your product or services they try to investigate or know more about your organization or credibility. If more people consider you a responsible person then your success is almost assured.
  2. Quality : If your quality is ultimate and yet your pricing very modest then it would definitely better the brand credibility. Similarly if the behavior of your sales, after sales, services, marketing and supply teams is also a class in itself, then no one is going to stop you from attaining a mega credibility.   Although the overall quality of the company is very important, but its also crucial to maintain the mark.
  3. Communication :Every organization or individual willing to attain a mega-credibility, should first learn how to propagate the positive feedback and achievements in market. One must be extremely careful while highlighting any material that may affect its credibility. A slight slip or a little sub standard stuff shall invariably better your competitors only.
  4. Elevation_1
    Omaxe the Palace Lucknow

    Interaction : Remember that its not communication or customer care. It doesn’t have any relations with that. Its the modus operandi how your organization or you interact with your clients, work force, suppliers, vendors and the publics. If they have 24X7 access to the concerning authorized people then only it will transform your credibility in the right direction.

  5. Transparency: If your publics are not able to see how do you do, then they will never accept you as open and honest. Any unwanted secrecy about what is well known about the process and procedures adapted by your competitors will harm you beyond repairs. Your credibility would suffer serious credibility smashing missiles. The best way to deal with such disasters is a timely self-disclosure propaganda.Credibility Package: No organization should ever try to grease or hurt, please or annoy or oppose & favor any sorts of non professional & irrelevant ideologies. Your company logo, stationary and advertising endeavors should never overlook these issues. Your work force should get such an uniform that suits every caste & creed. Such measures tell a lot about you or your organization.
    Place Monge Line 8 Metro Station
    Place Monge Line 8 Metro Station

    Conclusion : Every organization or individual interested in attaining mega credibility status should exhibit pure professionalism & absolute control over personal emotions. Your products should not use any such languages or packaging as well. Try to stick to your organizational or personal goals only. Stay out of controversies. Always. If ever you or your company fall into it, reemerge ASAP. Those who are interested in mega credibility should respect the deadlines and keep delivering high-quality work without causing delays in the delivery.

    Solutions : Every organization serves some type of the specific publics and its very easy to transform the available expertise in any setup into an aura of credibility ambassadors. I may help the interested organizations in this matter, if they may spare two days time.

    (The author doesn’t own the illustrations used here)

शहंशाही गाली कला

akbar1शहंशाह अकबर के ज़माने की बात है ।

अकबर के नवरत्नों में से एक थे अब्दुल मोमिन । उनके बहुत ज्यादा प्याज खाने की वजह से शहंशाह अकबर ने उनको ‘मुल्ला दो प्याजा‘ का खिताब दे डाला था।

मुल्ला के रहन सहन और शौकों बारे में बहुत अजीब अजीब और अश्लील बातें कही जातीं थीं। कोई उनके किसी ‘ख़ास’ शौक को लेकर उनको ‘जनाना’ कहता तो कोई उनको चुगलखोर चापलूस । शहंशाह हुमायूं के वक्त हिन्दुस्तान आया, मुल्ला हिन्दुओं से बेहद नफरत करता था। अकबर के हिन्दुओं से संबंधों के कारण मुल्ला अपनी नफरत को बहुत जाहिर नहीं करता था । लेकिन मौक़ा पड़ते ही वह बीरबल को किसी ना किसी अपमानजनक परिस्थिति में फंसाने में लगा रहता था ।

बादशाह के ख़ास मनसबदारों और दरबारियों की किसी महफ़िल में एक मौके पर मुल्ला दो प्याजा द्वारा हिन्दुओं को कायर और घटिया कहे जाने पर एक राजपूत सेनापति पृथीपाल (असली नाम पृथ्वीपाल होगा) ने मुल्ला की तुलना सूअर से कर दी ।

मुल्ला भी अकबर के कम चहेते ना थे I वह शिकायत लेकर अकबर के सामने पेश हुए I Mulla-do-piazza(1)

चतुर अकबर ने इसे हिन्दू-मुस्लिम विवाद मानकर राजा मानसिंह से सलाह लेनी चाही । उन्होंने समझदारी दिखाते हुए कहा कि राजा टोडरमल को क़ानून की ज्यादा जानकारी है । राजा टोडरमल भी कन्नी काट गए। उन्होंने कहा कि राजा बीरबल से बेमिसाल राय मिलेगी । राजा बीरबल की भी मुल्ला से नहीं बनती थी। कई दरबारी तो यह सोच कर खुश थे कि अब बीरबल फंस ही गया ।

अकबर से बीरबल ने पूछा “जहाँपनाह, राय दूं, या फैसला ?”

अकबर भी समझता था कि बीरबल सार्वजनिक तौर पर नाइंसाफी तो कर ही नहीं पायेंगा । उसने कहा, आपका कहा हमारा हुक्म माना जाएगा । उस पर बेशक अमल होगा । अगर खुद हमको नामुनासिब लगा तब ही हम दखल करेंगे ।तब आपको सज़ा मिलेगी बीरबल ।

बीरबल ने मुक़दमे की कार्रवाई शुरू की । पूछा ” मुल्ला हुज़ूर फरमाइए पृथीपाल ने कितना नशा कर रखा था?”

गुस्से में भन्नाए मुल्ला ने बिना सोचे कहा, ” कम से कम दस प्याले !”

“ मुल्ला हुज़ूर को फ़ौरन से पेश्तर दस प्याले शाही अंगूरी पेश की जाए ।” बीरबल ने ऐलान किया ।

अकबर ने सहमति में सर हिलाया, मगर पूछा “ यह हुक्म क्यों बीरबल?”

बीरबल बोला, “क़ानून है खून का बदला खून । इसलिए नशे में गाली का बदला नशे में गाली दिलवा कर दिया जाएगा” ।

birbal-leadशाही अंगूरी मुल्ला के सामने पेश की गयी । बीरबल ने मुल्ला से पूछा, “ मियां हुज़ूर, आपको यकीन है कि दस प्याले के बाद आप सिर्फ पृथीपाल को ही गालियाँ देंगे ? क्योंकि आप इजलास में हैं और अगर आपने एक लफ्ज भी पृथीपाल के बजे किसी और को कह दिया तो आपको बादशाह हुज़ूर से सामने बेअदबी की बहुत कड़ी सज़ा मिलेगी ।“

दबी जुबान में मिमियाते हुए मुल्ला ने पूछा, “राजा बीरबल, मैं इनको मुआफ करता हूँ ।“

बीरबल ने मुल्ला से फिर पूछा, “ मुल्ला ये फरमाइए कि आप शाही अंगूरी के दस प्याले पीने से क्यों बाख रहे हैं ? क्या आपको ये लगता है कि मदहोशी के आलम में आप शहंशाह को औल-फौल कह सकते हैं?”

मुल्ला दो प्याज़ा ने कहा , “नशा तो नशा है !”

बीरबल ने ऐलानिया कहा, “जिल्लेसुभानी जो इंसान मदहोशी में हुज़ूर की शान में भी गुस्ताखी कर सकता है, उसे पृथीपाल ने जो कहा वो कम है क्या ?”

अकबर मुस्कुराया और बोला, सब लोग गौर फरमाएं  “राजा बीरबल ने शाही इजलास में मुंसिफ के बतौर अच्छा काम किया और ये दिखाया कि होशमंदी रखी जाए तो किसी को कानून की हदों में रह कर भी गाली दी जा सकती है ।

बाद में शहंशाह अकबर ने मुल्ला दो प्याजा को आगरा से दूर लाहौर का किलेदार (गवर्नर) बना कर भेजने का हुक्म  भी जारी कर दिया । मुल्ला  को किसी ने आगरा और फतेहपुर सीकरी में दोबारा नहीं देखा ।



Cross Functional Relations Management

Begin Well, Keep Slow : You are paid to deliver results using any type of stuff you have. Its YOUR skill how fast and how efficiently you achieve it. And managing results through cross-functional influences is like a child’s play. If you know its basics. Initially it may appear very difficult but with some practice you will be able to learn that its similar to constructing meaningful words out of useless alphabets. Like joining building blocks to make the desired shapes.

Evolving YOUR Strategy :  Watch a three year old making very simple words by picking up or sorting out the required plastic alphabets scattered nearby. What the kids usually do? During their kindergarten ages they sort out all the alphabets in a particular manner mostly assorting all similar alphabets together. In management this grouping often helps you to identify who is capable of doing what and what is their availability?  So out of a horrible pile you have to identify and select the elements that might be useful and then try organize them in a more complex manner. After some practice It becomes like solving a crossword puzzle. Another step ahead towards almost assured success.

Complex Decisions : Every manager must steer across cross functional
diversities very carefully simply by not using useless alphabets and picking up the ones that make sense. While you require to produce results you must do this modestly without hurting anyone, because they might be of some use in some other cross-functional scenario.

Handling Cross-Functionalism : If you would ever watch a toddler struggle with the apparently nonsensical building blocks to make a detailed project, just observe how the game proceeds ahead? You would notice that initially that kid try to copy the plan printed on the box or illustrated in the booklet. At any juncture when he or she comes short of blocks he try to place some other units to better the shape.  Hardly any kid leaves the game play and  approach seniors to ask for assistance. Reason being he or she enjoys leading and taking decisions.


NO Powers, Yes Empower : With the transformation of the global business scenario the role of a singular expert is out and the teamwork is in. The new way of management is shedding fruitless hierarchy to stop wasting time in getting  green signals and trusting fluid collaboration. The cross functional identities are useless if we waste time nursing their superiors’ ego. The new way is to pick up better leaders among the cross functional teams and assign them specific jobs using  empowerment. It Saves Time. Saves Effort. Betters Results. Wastes nothing. The reports and feedback also remain very useful. Vertical hierarchical structures are also replaced by network organizations, adaptive organizations, informal organizations and horizontal organizations. The company’s cross-functional teams of chosen internal leaders move quickly and adapt to any assignments in a better manner. No passing the buck. Management researchers have concluded that NOT leaders but the teams deliver better , faster. The new management strategy is using diverse teams of the sub ordinate management strata and their work force representing different areas of functions. The only thing that is kept in mind is their workable relationships, to avoid the failures due to lack of coordination and understanding. Its not essential that you take a group of friends because they like to remain together. The effective cross functional coordinators may easily select some members who might be totally strangers even. There are a number of possibilities here, you will have to consider as required.

Emerging Cross Functional Culture : The diversity of the cross functional team players gradually evolves into a new result oriented culture. Recently my daughter’s six year old son demanded some characters from his favorite animated cartoon movie Angry Birds. I tried to understand that basically he needed some similar toys. So I proposed that if you help me then I try to make the toys which are not available in India. And this way we made a micro size team. Both of us not knowing anything about making handmade toys. Yet, he meticulously advised me to initially make the toys from papers and then we graduated to card board toys. We kept on making one toy after the other and within three days we made about a dozen animated characters and toy vehicles. Thus, by creating a cross-functional team, we transform a potentially very powerful possibility into some great results. This way of functioning cuts short many time wasting formalities and weave an unimaginable cross-functional design of diverse unexplored talents.

img3Leadership Challenges: The leadership of a cross-functional team is complex and very difficult. The team leader must be capable of understanding both the subject and the contributions made by people from a wide variety of backgrounds. He must have the human resources management skills to facilitate the interactions of his team. Apart from these traits the cross functional leader must know about the assignment well. He should be capable of encouraging  participation, conflict resolution and consensus building. He must be able to work without using any  authority. Additionally if such team leader is capable of adapting faster and working in a more organized manner, then it would definitely be an added advantage.


Getting Results : The core value of this cross functional idea is exploiting the potential of the inter personal relations of any diverse group of carefully chosen people to manage a project, launch a program, control the production, redesign some obsolete system, develop and solve any sets of problems. This is like some children playing together, enjoying the company and creating something that gives them pleasure. In cross functional matrix  any success is not at all individual but a team success, all rewards become team rewards, and if at all the team fails, they start afresh to win without getting disheartened. In cross functional management a clear team goal is invariably the most important thing that is very clearly explained to everyone. The team leader remains directly responsible to gain the commitment of the team and trains them. The group creates their own policies and procedures to systematize the functioning.

Advantages : There are many advantages of effective cross-functional teams. First is the speed, all cross-functional teams work faster as I elaborated earlier because the process reduce the time it takes to get things done, especially during the product development process. Secondly the cross-functional teams improve any organization’s ability to solve complex problems. These teams help the organizations satisfying the customer’s needs. They increase the creative capacity of the organizations. These teams almost effortlessly develop new skills rapidly. The cross-functional management strategies promote more effective teamwork and saves a lot of money that can be used later in welfare activities.


Disadvantages : It sounds good in theory, but if the participating team is not properly raised or managed it may fail miserably in the field, later. There are some secondary strategies to control this situation but this management strategy is solely dependent on what sort of majority you have in your company.

(The author doesn’t claim any right over the illustrations used in this write up)