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One of my family friend Mukesh Sharma was searching a buyer for his old car. He gave an advertisement in a local newspaper that ad cost him 8000 bucks and yet the car could not fetch more than a nominal 50000 bucks here in India. And eventually with the help of his BFA grad daughter Deepali,  he decided to turn his old car into a drawing room show piece. He is happy to be able to transform his drawing room in a futuristic way.



Mostly it happens with every one of us. Many creative people earning millions simply by a moderately artistic manipulation of pre owned goods to transform them into stunningly attractive art forms.  Like the car shown here, transformed into a study table for your teenage kid.

Unusual Creative Expressions

Recently during my eternal quests for searching something new, amazing and extra ordinary content on the web, I came across a fantastic and unusual site with equally surprising name jimjamzoo. You may be surprised and spellbound to find there outstanding ways people express themselves.

In the successive pictures below some tree branches (Picture-1), broken and used automobile rim covers (Picture-2) and even waste newspapers (Picture-3) are transformed into art forms .

branched-out-cow2-150x150  newspaper-dog-300x224  recycle-art-auto-rims-1thumbnail-150x150


Used cars and aeroplane parts used to produce stunning studios, drawing room essentials, conference tables and what not. In the beginning of this blog I shown you one such example, here are some other amazing results below.  The first one is a conference table made from the wing of a bomber plane, revealing it’s skeleton within. The other ones are the car parts converted into a bed and a small fancy exclusive guest’s cabin.



carbed  carfulldrawingroomdetail


Some other used items may also find exclusive decorative usage, like a pair of cloth hangers, old model telephone receiver and two new wall mounted lamps may be transformed into a pair of ultra modern looking lamps. Used and worn out bed cushions can be cut into pieces to create a lip shaped sofa set like this and with a little imagination a set of irregularly twisted metal pipes may be converted into fantastic set of octopus stools.

lamps-in-old-telephone  lipsy2   octopus-stools


Containers as Futuristic Homes and Offices

It’s amazing to see how effortlessly, the modern architects are designing offices, hotels, homes and shopping centers from the millions of excess shipping containers. By using the steel shipping containers as building material, homes can save 50% of construction costs, while reducing the waste and blight caused by trying to store them. Here are some active examples of shipping containers recycling. To know more please visit hereLink-1 and Link-2. The house shown below is complete with a swimming pool and ample living space, and made up of only 12 shipping containers.

containers-home1  containers-home-inside1

Here is an example of the office space being developed from shipping containers. The best thing is this that all these structures are earth quake and fire resistant.



Art Books? No, Book Art!
If I ask you what is the difference between a art book and book art, probably you may find it confusing.
The art books tell us about art subjects, whereas book art is in itself an art. The book art is about transforming a book by painting, modifying or cutting it to result into an unusual artistic form. Here are some examples. The first picture is a wall mounted lamp created from a old book. Another one is a Book Pistolmade by very basic and simple book cutting techniques. The third one is a bit complicated book cutting that transformed into the Book Knights. The last one below here is a Book Shelf made up of old and useless books.

book-lamp bookpistolbook_knights




The other similar art form is transforming useless books into mesmerizing diverse exhibits. Link-1Link-2 andLink-3

One such website has the history of Book Arts and yet another details you about the complete Book Arts Exhibition here and at this collection of all the Book Art exhibitions in the world. Link-2

This site is about how discarded and useless voluminous books, magazines and other ‘paper made’ things can be transformed to create stunning psychedelic visual effects and products like these unusual creations and artistic creatures. Remember the thumb rule is bigger and bulkier book  produces, better enormous results. This Book Art form has several experts who even run training sessions and teach students all over the world. Alternatively you may learn the Book Art clicking any of the innumerable links given here. and at other links 123 and 4.

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