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For centuries it’s been believed that colours affect our health, body parts, mental harmony and even our emotions. Colours are vibrating electromagnetic energy. Everything in nature as well as all organs in our body have some vibrant colour or the other. Even modern scientists and medical experts have come around to the view that our body has specific energy fields (chakras). These emit different colours depending on our health.

In the ancient religious Hindu text Kurma Purana, each of the seven planets of  the solar system is defined as the condensation of one of the seven cosmic rays. Interestingly, the principle of Chroma Therapy is that it harnesses the medicinal qualities of sunlight.

Chroma Therapy is said to be very effective and without any side-effects. In chronic cases, it should never be considered as a substitute for a professional physician or a super-specialist.

Violet: May effectively cure nervous and mental Disorders like neurosis, neuralgia, sciatica, epilepsy, meningitis, rheumatism, rheumatic pains, asthma and skin disorders. When Violet is combined with other colours such as fluorescent red, saffron red and blood red this it cures disorders of breathing, the lungs and vocal chords. Violet with its cognate colour purple is a powerful healing agent with a direct influence on the brain and nerves. Violet light is a great help in meditation.

  Indigo: Extremely effective in treating facial paralysis, eye, ear, nose and throat complications, pneumonia, bronchitis, most types of coughs, dyspepsia, insanity, appendicitis & purulent tonsillitis. It is effective in healing diseases of the urinary organs and other kidney-related complications.

Blue: Very effective in treating most hormonal problems, throat infections, it helps cure laryngitis, sore throat, pharyngitis, goitre, whooping cough, tonsillitis, hoarseness & to some extent obesity as well. Almost invariably it helps restore the glandular system.

Green: It especially favours the heart, restores blood pressure, and cures ulcers, cancer, headaches, neuralgia, influenza, syphilis, and erysipelas. Green gem therapy is found very effective in burns and skin diseases.

Yellow: Helps restore liver and stomach function. It fights constipation, bile- related issues and disorders, and helps cure diabetes, haemorrhoids, eczema, leprosy, and nervous debility. Yellow gem therapy is widely used the world over to cure depression, jaundice and piles.

Orange: Very helpful in chronic asthma, high fever, bronchitis, wet cough, gout, chronic rheumatism, nephritis, gallstones, prolapses, menopause and mental debility. Also, haemorrhages, bleeding from any organ, diarrhoea, insomnia, kidney and urinary tract infections. Red: Helps the body fight all blood-related diseases. Used in anaemia, debility, and colds. This colour is useful in several types of impeding collapses with much sweat and cold extremities. Mentally deficient children also need this colour to activate their brain.

Ultra Violet: Excessive heat sensation in the body can be controlled with this colour useful in insomnia and mental disturbances.   This colour is found useful in developing resistance in AIDS infections as well.

Infra Red: Very effective in the cases of cold superimposition and near death circumstances due to chilling weather exposure, it is also found useful in treating cancer, paralysis, osteoporosis, arthritis and chronic dysentery.

Article Published in Indian Express.

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