Incredible Chewing Gum Sculptures

Yes it’s true. Believe it or not, this amazing & wonderful chandelier is actually made up of some thousand colored gummy bears. And the other picture showing a classy pair of shoes below here, is also made up of chewing gum.


Chewing-gum was introduced by American soldiers with the end of World war -II, together with jeans, nylon, stocking and boggie-woggie. Its association with a state of euphoria of change and carefree youthfulness some how carried on in the following decades.


Nothing much is known about the origin & history of using chewing gum as an sculpturing material. The earliest references that are available in Wikki mention about a lady Hannah Wilke, who tried using chewing gum, in 1980s as a sculpturing medium for her obscene & vulgar portraits.  Later innovative artists like Maurizio Savini (1962) whose chewing gum sculptures are

famous all over the world, popularized this art form. Savini is considered today the uncrowned king of this art. Another master innovator Jamie Marraccini who created world’s first web site dedicated to Chewing Gum Sculpturing and created a sensation in his unique way specially popularized this art form amongst the kids and teenagers. You may know more and learn the chewing gum art & sculpturing at this site. Since its initial launch, the GumArt site has been linked to hundreds of sites around the world.

Maurizio Savini

Savini’s art is just beyond words. It’s simply world class. I tried to search more about him and found no one matching his skills. Here are some of his chewing gum master pieces.

chewing-gum-shoes1chewing-gum-buffalo chiewing-gum-bear-top

chewing-gum-fallimng-man chiewing-gum-soldier

Jamie Marraccini

As I mentioned earlier this master uses abstract style and try to assimilate the art and sculpturing together. Here are some of his creations

chewing-gum-tree chewing-gum-trio


Learning Basic Gum Art Secrets

There is one essential rule. You must chew the gum until all of the flavor, sugar, and oils are out of the gum. After that seperate each gum by color. To make the gum soft the artists use warm water over the gum while squeezing it with fingers to give it any shape. It doesn’t take much time before the gum is soft and easy to spread. You can also place the saved gum in a bowl of warm water and let it sit for a couple minutes to rest. If the gum feels like it is sticking to your fingers, dip your fingers in some water while working with the gum. Don’t try to spread an entire piece of chewed gum at one time. You should try biting or breaking the chewed gum into smaller pieces first. This makes it easier to fill the art board. It is best to complete the background of the picture first.chewing-gum-creature chewing-gum-sculptures-4

The experts advice that first of all you may use some models to cover them up with the chewing gum. Like you can take a candle and cover it completely with chewed gum. At the end cover it’s ignition thread thickly with whilte colored gum. You may make simple chewing gum drawings as well. Here you may enjoy the videos.

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