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Mail from the Masters
Today I got another mail from the Sand Art Masters Paul & Remy. Paul informed me, ‘We have just finished this awesome sandcastle in The Scheveningen Netherlands, together with eight other international sand artists friends. We used some 300 tons of sand and the entire carving process lasted seven days. Here is the Sand Castle that look as if it’s livable.



Preparation and Designing

Paul has sent me his Castle Making process step by step. It illustrates that initially the artists select, take sample and prepare the area where they want to structure their sculptures. Then using some supports, like we normally use while making ice  creams, cakes, biscuits, idlis, other home made recipes; they start strengthening the outer model. See the pictures here. Paul and Remy are on the job the same way I explained here. In the first picture only the unfinished, non decorated and undefined prototype is evolving. The masters are seen using wooden frames, tools and the skeletal frames. In the second photo the couple is seen finishing, sharping edges and shaping their marvel further using the small tools ordinary masons use. After the entire structure is erected then the finer detailing, carving and other details are done. This requires a lot of practice. It’s not learnt overnight. So keep practicing. Start with smaller models with lesser details. Initially you may build such structures that are easy to build. Gradually you may master it. Paul says, ‘ Sand sculpturing teaches it’s practitioners on it’s own. Just keep practicing.’




He tells, ‘ In this castle making we were joined by the BBC and Andy the presenter of Blue Peter took sand sculpture lessons and joined the team and had a go sand carving. ‘

Further Learning References

Paul elaborates that if any Indian Blogger visitor wants to learn this art he or she should also visit the following links 1, 23456, 78 and 9. Alternatively you may watch specially dedicated YouTube videos here and at Link-1, Link-2Link-3Link-4 and Link-5. BBC London is scheduled to air their castle making phenomenon on May 5th. 2009. After this broadcast anybody may watch it again online at BBC site.

Natural Maestro

Paul sums up his life style with Remy in these touching words, ‘ Since a year we live a simple, sustainable life on our farm in Bulgaria where we grow our own organic fruit and vegetables. We travel to our sand sculpture adventures from here. We like living in our rural village in beautiful Bulgaria, on the edge of the Balkan mountain range. We have 60 fruit and nut trees in our garden and grape vines. This summer we did not let a lot of fruit go to waste, we made preservatives; jam’s chutneys and sauces. It is great to be able to grow, harvest and eat your own food, it tastes sooo good, and we can recommend that to everybody!

sand-mermaid1Our biggest passion in life is creating sculptures out of the elements water and sand. We work very well together, we complement each other qualities and ‘dance’ around our sculptures; we work in layers over each other’s work until the statue is finished.

‘We aim to create sculptures with a message; the ideas for these come to us often intuitive or in our dreams. Together we create sometimes magical sculptures that are more than the sum of both our input, then we step back, look at each other and ask surprised ‘did we do this?’

‘When we create we often get into a meditative state that we call ‘the sand zone’ in which we forget about time and are enjoying ourselves immensely. During the process of creation we always take a moment to concentrate on one grain of sand, and to ‘spiritualize’ this grain, we believe that this way we bring our sculptures to life. We call this ‘spiritualizing matter’.  When this is successful a sculpture can all of a sudden ‘look back at us’, or from the corner of our eye seem to move.

‘Together we create sometimes magical sculptures that are more than the sum of both our input, then we step back, look at each other and ask surprised ‘did we do this?’ Our work is physically quite challenging, often we move big piles of wet sand, work in rain, wind or in extreme heat.

Sometimes we sculpt concentrated for hours in uncomfortable positions and forget to stretch. When we create our sculptures there is often a time limit and a death line, than we have to work 10 to 14 hours a day or until it is ready. To be able to do this we make sure we are in good shape.

Keeping Fit is also Important

paul-with-remy1Paul wrote me in his mail, ‘We sleep enough, eat healthy; we are both vegetarian, and we do not drink a lot of alcohol. We both practice yoga, this helps enormously to keep our elbows, shoulders, lower back etc supple and for our general state of well being; we are hardly sick anymore!

‘The yoga and meditation keeps us relaxed in this chaotic and fast world.

‘During our travels to different International master sand sculpture competitions and theme parks we are always together with other master sand sculptors. There are about 80 of us in the world and we all know each other because we see each other all over the world. We are some sort of nomadic clan who travels from event to event to create our sand art. Our ‘clan gathering’ is held every year in a little village in Canada, Harrisan Hot Springs, where the world championships sand sculpture are held.’

For Students

Paul Hoggard & Remy Geerts are very noble teachers as well and any one may directly reach and access them, mentioning this blog and IndianBlogger.Com. Their EU Bugarian telephone is 00359887991942, you may email them at: paul@sandartist.com or mail to : remy@sandartist.com. Their post address is Paul Hoggard & Remy Geerts, Trompstraat 97, 1271SZ Huizen (NH), the Netherlands. Please bear it in mind that that may take some time to reply as they remain on the move, almost 10 months an year.

Published.  24 April 2009. Article Link



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