Pramod ji, we will miss you forever!

PKSinghA lighthouse persona

He was Pramod ji to some and PK Singh to many. A grand looking yet low profile outstandingly successful real estate tycoon। He died at the age of 50 of a brain stroke that culminated into multiple organ failure. Today he is survived by wife Ms. Chitra Singh, elder son Avijit, daughter in law Sukriti, younger son Shaktijit. Four sisters and their families. And countless person he was friendly with.
He loved me like a real father..

He was my daughter’s father in law, a man so loving and caring that on the funeral day my daughter Sukriti, flooded with tears, sobbed remembering him, ‘…He loved me like a real father …Papa (for him) was very caring, very loving and Ma (her mother in law) and my routine orbited around him He was too good..’
A magnanimous person
Yes, I do agree PK Sahib was a magnanimous person। A great soul. I have so many memories associated to him which I would like to share with everyone because time may pass bye but he will live forever in my heart and in the hearts of innumerable people he was associated in many ways. I knew about him, in a bit surprising development, when I got a email from Avijit that he wants to marry my daughter. The same day I had my daughter’s mail requesting me the same way. I decided to first verify the astrological compatibility of my daughter with everyone of this new family and later it was decided that we will personally meet. We met in January 2007, when I visited his house with my wife Ranjana.
My first meeting with him
I noticed that on the front gate of Mr. PK Singh’s house at sector-12 Indira Nagar, a large pot filled with fresh water was placed on the right side of the gate। My daughter navigating the route for me on phone ,she told me, that water is for the stray animals। I was moved. Before we entered my wife cautioned me,’ …look we are bride’s parents and we should not carry any self esteem before them. Whatever they say, has to be okayed…’ I never had such occasion so, in a way was more confused on how to ask for this relationship. In India the bridal family invariably gets a sort of belittling treatment. So I was prepared.
In the drawing room I met him for the first time. A six footer, designer curta pajama clad grand male with glowing radiance on the face met me with open arms. Within minutes he jokingly told me, ‘..This marriage will have to take place, even if you were not ready. We like the girl. My wife appreciates her. She is a gem…’
About his better half, Chitra ji
Ms. Chitra Singh was no less than him in any manner, hardly any wife compensates her husband in the way she did. I noticed that she was wearing the same colors my daughter preferred. When I asked her whether it was planned, she laughed loudly, ‘..Not at all but it happens mostly…’
My daughter’s words echoed in my ears, ‘Papa, Ma (for Chitra Singh) and I have almost identical choices & preference, when she started talking. Without any fuss she confessed that she also consulted my daughter’s horoscope with their family astrologer and found that she is more than compatible with everyone in the family. After that there was hardly any scope of doubting and when we started discussing the marriage programs, I was feeling shy because my would-be son in law was in front of me. He got it and left the room. After that I asked Mr. PK Singh and his wife Chitraji about their dowry expectations. Spontaneously both of them said,’..Nothing..’ and the same day everything was decided.
Everyone gone desperate but…
The marriage was solemnised on November 21, 2007 and both Mr & Mrs Singh cooperated with me in every possible manner. After sometime my daughter noticed that his eyes were getting a yellow tinge. I offered her to arrange medical examination at Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow but she stopped me, ‘..Papa (he) hates getting sympathies. He will never accept your offer…’ I don’t know how but the situation started turning critical day by day. There were several occasions when he was not ill and on all those occasions either he was attending his family members, sisters & their families, friends or throwing away parties at his home or farm house.
His condition started growing from bad to worse. When everyone insisted he okayed getting examined at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital at New Delhi. There they advised immediate liver transplant. His sons were ready to provide their liver lobes, but he refused. When I questioned it, he glanced at me seriously,’…I have read enough about post liver transplant traumas. I know one has to take anti-resistance drugs till one lives and still the survival is not more than three years. Why should I waste my son’s liver. I will prefer alternative medical treatment…’
In a brief period I grown so fond of him that during the period he was terminally ill I prayed almost every divinity to grant him some more lease of life. I even offered to share my life span in return.On 17 Oct 2008 he went into a coma and never recovered.
King hearted
He was so king hearted that even after his every organ malfunctioned his heart kept beating.
His wife Chitra was not surprised at this, on the day of his funeral she murmured, ‘…it was me at that so why would his heart stop….I prayed him to evacuate me out and after sometime, it was over.’ Yes, it actually happened. When Chitra requested him to do so, minutes later the doctors declared that he was no more.
Unexplained Phenomenon after his death
He impacted lives of his near and dears so strongly that they invariably sensed him near to them whenever they remembered him. My daughter experienced it at his house at Indira Nagar Lucknow. His servants told me that minutes before the doctors declared him dead at the hospital, they were unaware of the terminal crisis and at about 2.15 AM in the morning on 21 October, the senior most domestic helper Tulsi Ram heard somebody calling him in roaring voice ordering him,’..Open the door Tulsi Ram! Open…’ and the door knocking was so thunderous that three of the servants went upstairs towards his bedroom, from where the commanding voice was heard, to find nothing up there. He had such a loving persona that it might be out of love that everybody felt this way.
Great person on every parameter
My association has mostly been with VVIPs since past 27 years. I have seen, worked for and interacted with a multitude of the persons in power. I never found him a lesser mortal compared to any one of them.
Hardly I touched anybody feet except my Parents, Teachers and a few other seniors. Mr. PK Singh was such a gem of a person that one may automatically bow down before him. He categorically denied me the right to touch his feet at one occasion when I was trying to; because in hindus it’s customary that the daughter in law’s father should touch the feets of her father in law. Mostly no hindu take food at daughter’s place but he invariably and most lovingly forced us to eat with him whenever we were together
उनकी साहित्यकार पत्नी चित्रा सिंह अपने पति को
स्वरचित कविता के इन शब्दों में याद करती हैं –
PKS Lastअस्ताचल की ओर गया, जब भास्कर रथ का घोड़ा,
सूर्यवंश अनमोल रतन ने, तन का पिंजरा छोड़ा,
तीन दशक के गठबंधन का, तोड़ दिया गठजोड़ा,
जीवनसाथी को , जग के निष्ठुर हाथों में छोड़ा,
दो पुत्रों का पिता , चार बहनों का राजा भाई ,
मान प्रतिष्ठा , यश कीर्ती की करके कठिन कमाई ,
रचकर एक इतिहास चला , ढूँढे आखें अकुलाई ,
व्यथित ह्रदय भीगी पलकों से , देंगे आज बिदाई.
Chitra ji, we are with you…
Lastly when I remember him with tears filled eyes, one occasion brings smile to my face. Due to Chitra ji’s noble nature once I said that you are not only my sister in law but I see you as my own sister. And he burst into laughter, ‘..don’t expect me to say or consider so….I am not going to call samdhan (daughter in law’s mother) a sister…’
I don’t know what the destiny has in store for me but my family will always be at your side whenever you will need us, Chitra ji.
आज मुझे मुकेश का गाया फ़िल्म पुष्पांजलि (1970) का एक प्रसिद्ध गीत समझ में आगया है, जो मैने बचपन मैं सुना था, मगर उसके भीतर छिपे दर्द को आज तक महसूस नहीं किया था –
जाने चले जाते हैं कहाँ, दुनिया से जानेवाले,
जाने चले जाते हैं कहाँ, कैसे ढूंढे कोई उनको
नहीं क़दमों के भी निशाँ , दुनिया से जाने वाले ,
जाने चले जाते हैं कहाँ ….
But despite realizing the pain within the lyrics of this song I disagree on this line…..नहीं क़दमों के भी निशाँ, because Pramod Kumar Singh has left a legacy behind him and I am sure his sons will follow their legendary father’s footsteps.

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