Rock Paintings: Fusion of Nature & Arts

You’ll be surprised to know that the items displayed here all are made up exclusively of the small, shiny, tiny assortment of rocky stones found around various types of rivers anywhere. The people around the world keep buying such art ware and proudly display these elegant rock art pieces inside their drawing rooms, bed rooms, lawns, gardens and office chambers.

1612945 rock-art-mandala-stones-elspeth-mclean-canada-thumb640This rock art business is flourishing all over the world but the 200 celebrity artists who are considered to be the leaders of this rocky art business mainly belong to the US, Europe, Australia, Japan, China and Korea, with some exceptions in other countries. On an average a rock artist earns something from $150 to $600 a day. And that is the minimum modest approximation.

All over the world some famous stone painters are on social media as well. You may follow them on Twitter and learn the tricks of the field. Here are some of my celebrity stone painters. You may click on to their names to reach the social pages of these stone painting masters.

Cat Upside down

Although I personally admire and respect Margaret Bartlett most but somehow feel that her many years junior Italian artist Ernestina Gallina (@ernerock) has emerged as the undisputed queen of this amazing art.

Similarly I admire the out of this world ways stone art expert Elspeth McLean (@ElspethArtist) transforms the ordinary Ocean Stones meticulously into dazzling art forms made up of only colorful tiny dots.  A Psychologist by profession but a highly gifted Belgian stone painting artist Denthe is exceptionally remarkable. To reach her website just click THIS link to reach her.  Somehow Denthe is not active on twitter but you may reach her FaceBook page by clicking HERE.  You may search and find many other stone painting masters on relevant search engines to know more about this magnificent art form.

You will find a lot of such stone and rock paintings on the Pinterest. You may use the associated links to reach the respective artist using their web site addresses.

dbdeea9948d5c3a35b58c8e14ae607cc Ernestina-Gallina-rock-painting Ernestina-Gallina-rock-painting7-550x308 Ernestina2faces il_570xN.232471129 il_fullxfull.98339871 ladybugs owl painted-rocks1 pandas rock-book rock-painting-1 rock-painting-2 rock-painting-cats (1)If you wish to learn this art either your search these stone painting, rock painting and painted stone tags or reach THIS TUTORIAL link 
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Even if you ‘re not in a mood to make your own painted stone art then why not just enjoy this unique art ! Alternatively you may also Google rock arts and find the pages that explain about making these amazing  creations!

1069 x 845 282k
1069 x 845 282k

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