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So often people ask, what are the qualities needed to become a successful fortune teller? A knowledge of Hora Shastra? Sheer Experience? Intuition? Being computer savvy? Or is it simply a God- gifted trait? Most fail to understand that even the best astrologer can go wrong often. Usually most come only 65 per cent close to the truth. Astrology, like all other arts and sciences, can be learnt by anyone with a basic level of understanding, who can  then become adept at guessing how the future might unfold. Some basic facts are listed below that may turn one into a real seer.

Theory of Probability

Predicting the future successfully is mostly accurate guesswork—something like guessing which side a coin, when flipped, would fall upon. Such guesses are called probabilities. In the case of a coin falling on a particular position, the probability of its falling ‘heads’ or ‘tails’ up can be 50 per cent only. In Ludo or Snakes and Ladders, the probability of getting a ‘six’ is only 16.66 per cent. The talent of guessing the probability accurately can be developed after meditation and practice. This will help in strengthening your intuition as well. Whenever a question is put up before you, look into it seriously and think about the several possible answers and results. Try to apply the results to the questioner’s circumstances. Make a mental note and say nothing. When you get one or two possible frames, move ahead.

Body Language

Most successful astrologers read their visitors almost instantly. Even during the initial conversations, studying their gestures and their difficulties, an expert fortune teller will be able to keep ‘reading them’. If you happen to know the salient features of every Zodiac sign, you might be able to locate which sign they belong to. Now with this knowledge, fortune tellers strengthen their opinions and move one step further to determine some more before they finally speak. Remember, it’s very important to control your emotions and pay attention when your visitor is telling you something.

Karma Theory

It’s a fact that a human being’s  friends, relatives and circumstances happen to be the result of his or her own actions. If a person is chewing tobacco for a fairly long time and complaining about mouth ulcers, you may advise him to get tested for cancer.

If someone plays crooked financial games and thereby is cheating people, no matter what the position of his planets are, he will face legal problems sooner or later. A careless medico may be sued for damages. This Karmic Theory of Destiny has the power to destroy all good planetary combinations; so you need not bother only about what a horoscope tells you, but should proceed to make your assessments fearlessly on conclusions.

Read, Make Notes

You should read standard books on astrology before starting practice. Online material is abundantly available.

To learn fortune telling, the easiest way is to practice the knowledge you are gaining from any source. The world famous fortune teller, Cheiro, had a collection of almost 6,000 palm-impressions with the name, profession, the qualities and demerits of each person to whom these palm impressions belonged.

 Its advisable to start with your friends and relatives. Write down their exact dates of birth, time and birth places. Make a detailed note about their lives, their virtues, values, faults and the issues they faced corresponding to the year in which something important happened to them.

Download the free trial versions on the Net to understand the tricks of the trade. One such easy and free resource is It’s better to download the tutorials as well and practice them. Alternatively, buy reliable and authentic fortune telling software at dirt cheap prices from India’s leading creator of such tools,

The author is a perennial student of astrology.

Article Published in Indian Express.

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