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Banking Affairs and Developing Corporate Leaderships

No bank may survive without Corporate Support. The growing market oriented economy, digitization, globalization, liberalization, privatization, 24X7 efficiency and glocal model is rapidly transforming Corporate Governance in the banking system. In the banking sector the most followed Corporate Governance Structure has already collapsed everywhere but India is still following the obsolete style that has no in build capacity to develop the Corporate Leaders. As a results many banks facing the ultimate survival threat: a total collapse..

The Banking is not at all only monetary affairs. Fundamentally it’s dealing with the specific publics who trust a bank for safekeeping their financial assets and getting them back wherever and whenever they need. No doubt the banks play a very important role in the economic life of a country. If we wish to strengthen our economy, we will have to manage our banks very efficiently. Thus the soundness of any banking system depends on the corporate participants who are supposed to be accountable for the various performances. Hence the Corporate Governance of the banks cannot be ignored.

Since the Corporate Governance is an internal mechanism in the banks, it’s held absolutely responsible for building the image, reputation, confidence and long term relationships with the customers and all sorts of stakeholders apart from the normal banking operations. As a Public Relations Management Professional I feel that the baking system should also upgrade its Corporate Governance by developing the corporate leadership within the system in such a manner that may transform the entire work culture to suit the rapidly changing banking style of the society. Currently 83% of the banking staff is unaware of the ongoing and the future corporate challenges that may adversely hit most of the banks if they fail to upgrade.

Unfortunately most of our banks operate in such a traditional and obsolete manner that is of no use to the clients. What they consider important in the Corporate Governance is only related to their Boards, their Committees, the concerning Boards and Official Meetings, their legal disclosure and transparency, etc.

Despite 24X7 available online transactions, funds transfers, ATM operations and global existence hardly any bank have developed a system to regularly help, trouble shoot, assist, monitor or organize interaction with the clients. The banking staff also suffer this mismanagement as clients.

The baking system understands only the company laws and the corporate handbooks in this matter. They follow only what is mandated. They don’t try to reform unless there is some written instruction, although no banking law force them NOT to develop the Corporate Leaderships as an internal practice.

No bank may survive without Corporate Support. The growing market oriented economy, digitization, globalization, liberalization, privatization, 24X7 efficiency and glocal model is rapidly transforming Corporate Governance in the banking system. In the banking sector the most followed Corporate Governance Structure has already collapsed everywhere but India is still following the obsolete style that has no in build capacity to develop the Corporate Leaders. As a results many banks facing the ultimate survival threat: a total collapse..

It’s an established fact that no bank may survive without good Corporate Governance at all. Without functional transparency, client oriented operations, collective sensibility and accountability towards every stakeholder, no bank may attain the market confidence. And without this confidence no bank would ever grow.

The Corporate Governance not only include the structures, processes, cultures and systems that engender the successful operation of organizations but the public relations as well. The bankers must understand that the banking systems are not just their staff, rule books, passbooks, check books, ATM, offices, promotions, advertisements and the hi-fi location & appearance of the building. It’s much more than this. It’s the way banking staff behaves, superiors behave and connect to all sorts of the big and small clients.

It’s practically impossible to make a bank more successful by just changing its structure. Beyond doubt a poor corporate leadership may eventually lead to bank failure. It may result into disastrous & irreparable consequences impacting the deposits and reputation. It may cause credibility collapse and remarkable loss of clients’ confidence. No bank can reemerge from such disaster.

Control : We may easily develop a better corporate leadership by adopting region specific corporate and public relations strategies and setting clear cut time bound objectives for every member of the team. Such arrangements should be incentive based and communicated throughout the banking organization so that every contributing member know the responsibilities and the rewards. Every member should know their role in this exercise and the supervising officers must know and cross check, how a particular team is performing or lagging behind others.

Every bank has specific ethical values, objectives, strategy and control environment. The management should clearly understand, what is required from the which team. Such efforts should not only be focused to achieve and maintain the public and corporate confidence in the banking system, but also within the fabric of the bank. Any bank may not sail long with a poor corporate leadership, which could inevitably trigger a major bank run or liquidity crisis.

Without proper training, timely updates, rewards and incentives to the best performers, the structuring a strategic plan to attain the desired goals within a time frame is impossible. Without clearly designated, briefed and rehearsed roles and powers of the participating members, no bank may keep standing as a winner.

Therefore, the foremost requirement of developing a good corporate leadership hierarchy for the banks, is the clear identification of powers, roles, responsibilities and accountability of everyone. These roles and responsibilities should be invariably well documented. Every participant member of the bank should be encouraged to take independent judgment.

Restoring Academic Brands Using PR

Academic Brand PR

The academic world all over the globe has started exploiting newer PR strategies to harvest incredibly astonishing dividends.

Earlier academicians used old press release based communication models which are rapidly being obsolete. Even established academic institutions have started creating very different management-PR synergies that suit their immediate admissions, placements and the other requirements.

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The Fascinating World of Architectural Public Relations

Real Estate PR : Credibility Branding Tactics
Do the Architects know that using some effective PR tactics they may earn an outstanding  fame, image and credibility ?

I was sitting at my huge Kumbh Mela Public Relations Office Camp after midnight of an icy cold January winter of 2010, the crowd was still coming to the Ganges city of Haridwar. It was a tent made up of a canvass cloth iALLAHABADncapable of stopping chilly winter air pouring through it and although the sand below my feet was covered by one layer of some grass & husk and another layer of a mattress yet oozing out cold radiation. Suddenly lifting up the thick entrance curtain of my camp a group of five people stepped inside my office, two of them having massive cameras hanging from their shoulders. “I am Miguel, from Spain. He is Dmitri, She Yelena both from Russia, this is Mark, Australia and he is Gustavo from the US.” One of them introduced the accompanying team.

They all sat and showed me their documents. Since none of them were having a J-Visa or any clearance from the PIB, Government of India, hence it was clear that they would not get any permission to stay at the Media Center accommodations. As soon as I made it clear, the group started leaving my room, expressing their feelings to unnecessarily disturbing me. Minutes after they left my tent, someone again lifted up the door entrance. It was one of them, Miguel from Spain. “Sorry to bother you again Sir, but may I see you little later in the morning? He asked. “Why not. Pleasure!” I replied. He noted down my mobile number and left again.

Next morning he called me and visited me again around 11 am. Seemed he bathed recently, with water droplets still around his forehead, “Hi, Miguel again, from Spain!” and burst into laughter, “Wow, I made a rhyming introduction.”

Architectural PR

Discovery TV Team Shooting me interacting media personsI was wondering why this man is hanging around, when I am not going to support because of him not carrying the authorization papers. But he was very clear. “Sir, you are a public relations person, I wish I could ask you a few questions about the PR because in our country hardly any professional attends anyone without charging him fees. I am just starting my career as an Architect but I have a lot of interest in the PR. So I wish to know, what do you think of a possibility of pursuing such a combination like PR and the Architecture?

If you don’t know much about the Indians then it would definitely surprise you that invariably most of our countrymen are highly sentimental. We value relations and try to reciprocate the love we get. Hence, I almost instantly decided to talk to that young man. But explaining about the role of PR in Architecture was not an easy topic. I myself never heard much about it. So I adopted a standard trick we often use delivering extempore & impromptu speeches. Step by step thinking and delivering our points. I am sharing my views on this great subject for the benefit of other such people who might be wondering if they could make a career in the Public Relations elsewhere.

Risks and Basics

Basically, Architect is a very costly and standard profession in which the experts combine various elements like Engineering, Arts and Aesthetics. They use their designing capabilities to evolve a great building. If you look at a great and unusually attractive building or structural marvel you may even call a lively and permanent advertisement. Isn’t it? You need not to spend much on hoardings, bill boards and media advertising to make propaganda about yourselves but is it sufficient? What if someone hasn’t seen your building? And how you are going to be benefited if people just see a building and pass by it? Will they stop and ask the neighbors, where is the house owner? I wish to ask him about this design and the architect.

I continued that developing new buildings, improving landscapes and re-designing community living may be of a huge interest, but until publicized properly, they never ever return you any favors, like in the case of a successful lawyer, who wins a sensational trial yet fail to get the mileage, until he or she don’t manage a media coverage of his success.

Operative Procedures

Architectural PRHandling the PR for architects is a sort of unexplored area. It’s an ocean of unfathomed opportunities. Just imagine how much money this field might be having, having you knowing already how much money today the world of infrastructure development has. On the other hand, it’s a bitter fact that the architects rarely get the credit they deserve for their outstanding contribution which fetch hundreds of crores of rupees. Have you have read any headlines that another great township designed by the great architect Mr or Ms XYZ is coming up with these specifications? Almost every new building gets some media attention as news and hence it should be used as an opportunity for the architect to attain specific recognition and positive profile. Yet, what happens? Everyone, even if they hardly contributed in the project, get the exposure except the architect, they get the newspaper mentions and and a strong share of their voice in the media. Considering this scenario, the public relations for the architect becomes more important.

I saw him clapping and having a glitter in his eyes. In between he was taking notes also. Noticing it I asked him to answer a simple question : tell me Miguel, how many PR and Publicity Opportunities, the Architect might create for themselves? Almost instantly he replied innocently, “Well, I don’t know so far.” Even I didn’t have the idea. I actually wanted to gain some more time to think about. Yes, these opportunities are many like: breaking news about an upcoming project that will change the landscape of the area forever.

The media people are always hungry for such items which no one has. Since all the projects that come up, already have the authorizations and clearances so there is no harm in publicizing them. The developer also gets happy when something positive comes in media. After such breaking news, the other media person may be approached exclusively that this project will affect their viewers in these many ways. They might be interested to know about the various stages of the development. Even the occasion of getting the approval of the project is a media opportunity. Starting the construction is also news.

Due to technological advances all the developers are taking some or the other specific measures to remain exclusive or to ensure quality, which may also be transformed into news again. When your site approaches completion and when it’s finally launched, you must ensure that you harvest your own share of publicity, reputation and image. Alternatively an architect may get other opportunities as well like obtaining a space in the sector specific publications and news media. He or she may send request letters with a brief resume to the print, broadcast and internet media houses, volunteering availability, if ever they require any expert on any project related discussion or quote.

On the other hand you may try approaching various other organizations, who recognize innovations and experts, provided you have introduced some unique feature such as earthquake resistance, lonely senior citizens’ protection, burglar alarms, protection for the toddlers & kids, energy and environmental efficiency. Like all other professions you must also exploit the potential social media platforms have.

Professional Precautions

You should never fail to participate in the community meetings organized by your area authorities, because such meetings easily get published in the media and they mention the names of the participating experts. It’s like hammering the society and blowing your own trumpet that you are there. Such PR gimmicks maintain you in demands and get you good flow of clients. The architects should also make use of their own websites to showcase their talents. You may express your views on various social issues on your Facebook and Twitter. Arch PR2

And why not write a blog about some of your projects? There are plenty of free blog sites. Remember your blog must add value, rather than merely being blowing your owntrumpet. It should provide the potential clients and fraternity some fresh and authoritative ideas, separating you from the ordinary practitioners. Do log-in something on a regular basis, which will significantly boost your own search engine rankings as well as demonstrating thought leadership in the field, acting as a powerful tool for real-time discussions and can be influential in building long-term relationships with customers.

No architect should forget that his routine behavior also gets him ample opportunities of publicity and public relations. Even if you reject some client due to fee related constraints or because of any other reason, you must give them some free advice on who they should approach, what they should do, how they may cut their expenses and lastly you may refer them to some of your colleagues who charge less fee. Please never ever mention that they are more competent or even equally competent, compared to you. Just say that these architects are also good and charge less. And please never forget to mention that you are not endorsing their ethics, style and other traits; still better if some of your assistant may handover a list of other fellow architects without endorsing anything. The architects must not forget that their staff and dependents also are their image, reputation & brand value careers. So apart from planning and delivering great projects, do find some quality time for them as well.