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The ancient Greeks used them. So did the Hindu mystics. The famous English magicians John Dee, Edward Kelley and the notorious Alistair Crowley owned these esoteric objects, some of which are on display at the British Museum. Crystal gazing is the best known form of scrying through which images that appear within the quartz ball can accurately tell the future.

Crystal gazing is a form of divination through trance induction by means of gazing at a crystal. It is also known as Crystallomancy, Prophecy Balls, Crystal Vision, Gastromancy and Spheromancy. It is very similar to meditation. If you practice well, you may easily learn this art.

Crystal gazing is very popular in several cultures through a long period of time. It’s practiced with the help of different forms of crystals. Traditionally, crystal gazers are called “readers” or “seers”; they develop a capability to predict the future, sometimes they analyse a character and help their clients make correct decisions about their situations and problems.

Materials and methods: The crystal ball mostly used may be a palm ball of a few inches in diameter, held almost eight to ten inches away from the chest of the gazer. Some seers prefer larger crystal balls, sometimes mounted on a tripod. Many books of instruction in the art of crystal gazing almost invariably suggest that the ball used should be perfectly spherical (that is, without a flat bottom) and should be supported in a wooden or metal stand. It should be free from air bubbles but may be coloured.

Most of the experts suggest that crystal gazing should be undertaken in a dimly-lit and quiet room, so as to foster visions and more easily allow the onset of a trance state. The object used to induce the crystal-gazer’s trance, may be any shiny object, including crystalline gems, mirrors, shiny surfaces and water. Remember Nostradamus? He used to gaze into water to predict future events.

How to practice crystal gazing: Sitting quietly, try to observe your breathing pattern. Gradually try to disconnect from all thoughts about anything. Step into a state identical to sleep or dreaming but remain awake and alert mentally.

Now concentrate on one thing: the questions before you. Try to see those questions in visual forms. Start concentrating upon the answers but side by side keep praying to gods to grant you a vision to help your client.

Another popular method used by professionals is direct divination. In this method the expert seers pray to their gods to grant them vision and then touch the crystal globe. Whatever they see then, they interpret in their own unique manner.

Cybermancy: Everything becomes contemporised according to the age we live in. These days many scryers have started a new method of divination using computer monitors—or Cybermancy: divination using computer screens. Apart from predicting the future with the help of fortune-telling software, Cybermancy helps practitioners track the phases of planets affecting one’s life.

Cybermancy goes beyond using computers to create astrology charts. Gazers try to look at the dimly lit monitor screen to ‘see’ answers. This is not very different from crystal gazing. The monitor screen serves as a canvas to visualise future outcome. Here, the computer is used as a tool, just like the crystal ball or a deck of cards in tarot.

Some crystal readers find random web pages by Googling the main question. The web pages they get on the screen as a result is supposed to indicate the probable answer like in Bibliomancy. I feel this method is not reliable at all.

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